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Slow Travel: My Beauty & Pamper Routine

Slow Travel: My Beauty & Pamper Routine


If you would have asked me five years ago, let’s make that six years ago, my toiletry and makeup bag would have been filled with products that would have been left unused during the whole trip. This time around, for our 3-week vacation abroad, my toiletry bag was filled with products that I actually use frequently at-home.  Since my current makeup and skincare products are edited down to my favorite products and what I use on a daily/weekly basis, it was easy to pick out what I needed to bring for my trip.  The three below are my travel essentials for my beauty needs, of course, yours may be different and I would love to hear what your beauty & skincare staples are! 

1. Body Lotion or Butter- 

Body Butter is one of my must-haves when traveling as I like to have soft skin after showering and prefer to bring my own.  I brought a small 4 oz jar of Earl Grey Body Butter. Since it’s highly concentrated, I only need a small amount after showering and it’s easy to carry around. 

2. Hair Oil- 

Another necessity for my unruly hair. This is the only product I use in my hair and definitely can’t leave home without it. I use the hair oil by Wild Rogue Botanicals and it’s in a small dropper bottle. I also love to use Argan Oil! 

3. Sugar Scrub 

I bought some shower gel while in Spain, but one thing I brought was my Elska Body Peace Baby sugar scrub. It smells amazing and it leaves my skin feeling super soft. I always like to feel exfoliated, especially since it was hot out and my skin gets dry easily after being exposed under the heat. It’s in a nice resealable pouch and very lightweight! Perfect for that carry-on suitcase. 


Moments of Pamper:

I didn’t have any plans in mind for any type of beauty or pamper routine, but I ended up having an unplanned beauty routine in the morning and in the evenings after the long days of walking around and venturing. I ended up sticking to these routines through out the rest of my trip, and it left me feeling more relaxed, energized and ready to conquer each day of exploring! 


Every morning, I set aside an area at the places we stayed to get ready in the morning. I noticed that I ended up sitting at the dining table, usually near a window, such  as the one pictured above.  I took my time getting my makeup on while chatting with the others about our plans for the day. I would normally have a cup of tea or coffee while getting ready.


There were a few days where we woke up extra early to catch a train and those days I skipped this routine, but in the evening, I would take the time to use an easy to use face mask or cream.


I brought a travel sized version of the Privai aqua gel mask. I found this to be soothing at the end of a long day. There are so many out there in small travel sizes and samples, which are perfect to take with you.  Let me know if you have any recommendations! I actually just purchased an all-natural face mask from ElskaBody, which I’m excited to try out. It’s another perfect item to pack in your carry-on suitcase. l will be sure to do a review on that product in the future. 


Of course, another part of my beauty routine is getting some fresh air and some Vitamin D...or Vitamin Sea! I would love to hear any beauty and pampering tips you may have while you travel. Connect with me on Instagram or leave me a comment below! Thank you for taking the time out to read my blog post today! 

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