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Slow Sundays: Morning Routine and City Strolls

Slow Sundays: Morning Routine and City Strolls

This past Sunday, the forecast called for a rainy day, yet again, but Mother Nature surprised us with some good old sunshine.  After living in Southern California for the past year and a half, sunshine was no stranger and being back in Seattle for almost three months now, it's the polar opposite. A little sun peeking through the windows and everyone is running outside to the nearest park or outdoor cafe.


I usually start the Sunday off with a green smoothie and a nice cup of tea. My daily tea is usually an earl grey or PG Tips. While my tea is steeping, I sometimes may feel the urge to gather the few items on the table and take a few flatlay photos. To be honest, I usually have these sudden creative visuals in my head and will just take the moment to snap a few photos quickly and then carry on with tea while having breakfast.


Later, I will edit a few and then post on Instagram to share my "happy moment." This is usually the process I take when I share most of my flatlay style and flower + tea photos on Instagram. It's usually in the morning when I'm waiting for my tea to steep or while having breakfast and it is pretty instant and spontaneous, which is what works best for me.  It's my creative outlet and what keeps me motivated through out the day. The simple pleasures of taking a photo and not worrying too much to the point where it's not fun anymore. I carry this same process and mindset when taking the product photos for my website; mornings, spontaneity and having fun. My three secrets that work for me! Would love to hear yours!! 


We went on a city walk and ventured through the neighborhoods and of course, stopped along the way to take some photos. Seattle has a lot of uphills, so it was a nice little workout as well and a good excuse to stop and take a break along the way to take photos of flowers and the pretty buildings.


I've never been surrounded by so many Farmer's Markets, there are so many to choose from here in Seattle and there is at least one in every neighborhood. There is also the big Fremont Sunday Market which is known for its vintage flea market. A stop by the local farmers market is always on the Sunday to-do.


Sunday evenings are usually reserved for home cooked meals by my hubby ( he likes to experiment with new recipes on Sundays ) and it's normally my #pamperyourgrey time where I will have a relaxing bath, catch up on reading and maybe watch a movie; after the little one goes to bed, that is!


What are your Slow Sunday rituals?

Thank you so much for reading along! 



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