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What I miss about living in Orange County


I'm rounding up the things I miss about living in Southern California! Just a warning, they may all involve the beach of some sort! I started Earl Grey Style while living in California and have always had a love for that boho, beach, and relaxed-airy vibe. I do love the hustle and bustle of city life as well, so I guess you could say that I can adapt easily.

After living in Orange County for almost two years, I quickly noticed all of the "little things" I started missing about California. Two things I still incorporate in my Instagram feed no matter where I'm living are plants, flowers, and the ocean! Those three things keep my soul alive and happy. Since I’m heading to Southern California this weekend for a quick trip, I’ll definitely be heading to the beach, especially since my favorite one is only 15-minutes away from my parents home.

Now, on to the things that I miss the most: 

Victoria Beach-Laguna Beach, CA 

Steps to the beach

Steps to the beach

It was hard to find this beach at first since it's tucked away in a beautiful neighborhood, but once you find the public entrance, it's easy to find! I also loved walking through the neighborhood admiring all of the beachfront homes.


The Flora 

Giant succulents, palm trees, and bougainvilleas all day!  What's not to love? After growing up mostly in the Pacific Northwest surrounded by ferns and pine trees, being surrounded by the opposite was always surreal. 


Laguna Beach 

Having lived only about a 15-minute drive from this cute little beach town, this was my go-to beach. I loved checking out the cute shops, cafes, and of course endless amount of hidden beaches and hiking spots.


Bicycle riding on Newport Beach  

Bicycle riding on the boardwalk was probably one of my happy places while living in Orange County. Riding along the endless boardwalk, exploring, and smelling the salty air was just soul-soothing. It would be a dream to do this every single day!


Before I jump on my flight this Saturday, I’ve already made a list of the food places I want to check out when I land at the airport. I’ll save that for a separate blog post, but food is another favorite when it comes to OC, there are so many choices and the food is fresh, amongst all the healthy and endless juice bars on every corner!  

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