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My New Love for Plants and New Small Decor Coming Soon

My New Love for Plants and New Small Decor Coming Soon


To be honest, I only fell in love with plants a year ago while living in Southern California. To be more specific, about a twelve minute drive from one of my most loved beach in Orange County. That is, Laguna Beach. If you started following me last year, I always posted photos of the ocean and beaches. But, I'll save that topic for another day! When we first moved into our apartment in California, I knew that I wanted to fill it with plants, but ended up just keeping a few easy-to-care for plants. 


I bought an aloe vera plant and then had a few succulents which lived out on the patio and then one tiny little guy who lived in a cute little planter.  I picked it up from Geometric Fossils at the Renegade Craft Fair in Los Angeles. They were my booth neighbors during the fair while I was selling for my clothing line The Sweet Potatoe.  I stayed in touch with them as I knew that I would purchase again.  You may have seen photos of this little one pictured below before.


When I decided to open up an online shop, I've always wanted to include small decor. These modern plant holders handmade by Geometric Fossils came to mind. I love the different shapes and styles they come in! Luckily, I kept their contact info and was able to place an order for the new shop.  I chose the marble and black finishes and picked out different sizes and styles.  The tiny ones are actually really cute for those miniature plant babies and perfect if you need a desk mate. They really do live long in these humble abodes and make the perfect minimalist decor pieces. 


Now that I'm living in Seattle, I've collected more plants and have added more succulents in my life as they are the easiest to take care of at the moment. The best advice I've received to care for succulents is to water only once a month and you can even just water them in droplets with a spoon. I rarely ever water the succulents.  I know there are many plant lovers out there and I've just discovered, plants also need some love! I've managed to keep the Peace Lily growing and just bought another air purifier plant for my beside table. These are all for now, but will slowly add more to different parts of the apartment.


If you are looking for some modern planters to add to your decor, I'll be adding these abodes to the website this weekend! There will be more varieties on the website and they come in small, medium and large.

What's your favorite type of plant? And if you have any plant care advice, please share! 

Thank you for reading along! 


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