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Beauty and Decor Faves at Renegade Craft Seattle

Beauty and Decor Faves at Renegade Craft Seattle


Last week, I headed to the Renegade Craft Fair show in Seattle. I was really excited about this one since I could fully explore as a customer. I normally have my booth set up at some of their previous shows in San Francisco and Los Angeles, so it was nice to fully experience the show as a customer! I love chatting and interacting with the makers finding out "their story" and where they are based out of! Below are some of the home goods and beauty brands that were on my favorites list! 

1. Basik Candle Co

Took a quick snap with the two owners! 

Took a quick snap with the two owners! 

With candle scents such as Mediterranean Fig and Grapefruit + Mangosteen, I could not resist picking up one of their minimally chic and naturally scented candles.  


I loved their booth setup and overall vibe. They make handcrafted candles which are sure to make your home smell amazing and your decor as minimal as could be. Their fragrances are "simple, sophisticated and earthy"--and a plus that they are pthalate free. 


They are based out of San Francisco and they make environmentally friendly candles and home fragrance goods. Their candles are made from a special blend of natural coconut wax. Can't wait to see what's in store for them in the future!

Check out their website at: Basik Candle Co

2.  Velvet Report

Lindsey, owner & founder of Velvet Report

Lindsey, owner & founder of Velvet Report

If you are all about vegan, ethical and luxury, Velvet Report is the perfect go-to gal for finding all things French-inspired and  environmentally + animal-friendly. I stopped by her booth to say Hello as I met her the weekend before at a Natural Beauty Workshop.

Rose Vegan Beauty Set

Rose Vegan Beauty Set

She is currently selling her latest product which is the Limited Edition Rose Vegan Beauty Set.  To check out all the vegan and green beauty goodness all in one beautiful box, click on the link below. 

P.S. I was also excited to hear about her upcoming vegan makeup starter set and her own French-inspired line, which is in the works! 

Website: Velvet Report


3.  Friend Assembly

How could I not stop by and check out these super cute and unique face planters. Based out of Portland, OR, these planters are sure to give your home decor an ounce of happy.


Handcrafted and designed by Sarah Schreiber, these clay based planters come in all different shapes, sizes and unfamiliar funny faces! How cute would these be as a coffee mug as well?


Check out their Online Store: Friend Assembly

4. Hemleva


If you are a lover of anything plant related like me, you will love Hemleva. This Seattle based designer and maker creates plant-themed enamel pins and beautifully crafted mobile planters that are inspired by Himmeli; a Traditional Finnish ornament.


She also carries a beautiful mix of air plants and everything you need to care for your plants. 


I especially loved reading the Air Plant Dating profiles on their website, where they talk about the likes, dislikes, origins and plant care for a mix of Air Plant varieties. I would highly recommend you check out the Hemleva website! 


Overall, the Renegade Craft shows are always a hit and have hundreds of amazing and talented makers, artists and food vendors. What I'm sharing here is only a tiny percent of goodness! Check out Renegade Craft for the nearest show near you!  Can't wait to check out the next one!

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