NEW! Relax & Pamper Your Grey Kit-Limited Quantity-Pre-Order

NEW! Relax & Pamper Your Grey Kit-Limited Quantity-Pre-Order


Available to ship starting February 14. 

Just relax and pamper your grey!  Another limited edition kit featuring all-natural products and eco-friendly goods. These "Pamper Your Grey" Kits are sure to make you feel calm and at ease after a long day. They also make the perfect gift for your bestie, clients and that special someone! 

Each kraft box contains the following products: 

ElskaBody Bliss Sugar Scrub-If you are looking for a sugar scrub that leaves your skin feeling soft after a shower, this is the one for you! Below is a description from

"ElskaBody exfoliating sugar scrubs are to be used in the shower or bath and also work amazing as a simple hand scrub for use in the kitchen. Sugar is an excellent natural exfoliant and a fantastic alternative to ocean-killing synthetic microbeads. This scrub will buff away dead skin and leave you glowing in an all natural way. 

7oz/200grams- Packaged in a light resealable pouch. Also perfect to take with you on trips! 

ElskaBody Lavender & Eucalyptus Soak-The perfect and relaxing way to "soak" after a long day. An all-natural bath soak handmade by ElskaBody. 

Ingredients:  Dead sea salt, Mediterranean sea salt, Epsom salt, lavender flowers, white kaolin clay, lavender essential oil, eucalyptus essential oil,  tapioca starch

7oz/200 grams- Packaged in a light resealable pouch. 

Stripes or Stash Charcoal Pouch by Maika Goods – Recycled canvas pouch from eco-friendly pigment inks is ideal to hold your beauty essentials or to use as a clutch. Medium sized pouch 7.5" x 5" x 2.5"

Earl Grey Travel Tin Soy Candle: Who doesn't like lighting a candle while in the bath? All-natural soy candle handmade by Estrella Soap Co.  poured in a beautiful decorative tin. 

Earl Grey Room Mist: An all-natural room mist that isn't too overpowering! Made with distilled water, witch hazel and essential oils. Handmade by Estrella Soap Co.  

2 oz frosted glass bottle. 

All of the products are packaged and wrapped nicely in a kraft box and includes an earl grey style stamp linen drawstring bag. Please leave "special notes or instructions" in the notes field at checkout. 

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