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Daily Self-Care Diary: Guest post by Zohra Jacobs

Daily Self-Care Diary: Guest post by Zohra Jacobs


I first came across Maria’s Instagram last year and was left utterly delighted with her posts. The light and content of her posts always left me feeling at ease and inspired. Her expression and advocacy for clean products, self-care and slow-living matched my values and desires. I was thrilled when she launched her website and online store and am so in love with so many of the products already! I am grateful and honoured to have been asked to write a guest post and look forward to our continued friendship.

Many women can relate to my story. I was burned out, struggling with my weight, sleep deprived mama, barely feeling passable in the beauty department and as a result, I was settling for less:

Less me time,

Less self-care,

Less love,

Less nutrition,

Less drive,

Worst of all, less hope for the desires of my heart.

Still, think that self-care is over indulgent?

We all have good days and bad days, but one thing I have noticed is that those bad days are also the days where I have placed my self-care on the bottom of my priority list.

My first job in my was in an acute mental health unit at a public hospital. As a social worker in that department, I witnessed and supported individuals through loss, grief, homelessness, suicidal thoughts, recovery from drug and alcohol abuse and every type of mental illness. My training consisted of seeing the individuals holistically, particularly their environment, something which has supported me in being able to quickly observe holes in my own life, the ones that lead to us carrying more baggage than we need to. And if we're honest, we know we all have baggage.

So how do I deal with my baggage and grow?

I practice self-love or its verb; known as self-care.

Welcome to a day in the life of Zohra and the self-care rituals that interrupt an ordinary day with extraordinary moments of pure pleasure and love.


I detest a rushed morning, so I always start the day with cuddles with my three-month-old, my favourite ‘French Cafe Radio’ (music heals), gratitude journal and the smell of freshly brewed coffee. These quiet moments not only fortify me for the day ahead but also give me clarity about what I want this day to look and feel like.


One of the things that leaves me feeling satisfied every night is knowing I have had a productive day maintaining our lifestyle but also building toward our future. This includes cooking nutritious, home-made meals, working on my life-coaching business, getting the kids involved in physical activity and moving my own body. I particularly love running. Running not only fills me with energy but is a great way for a busy mum to listen to my favourite podcasts (listed below) which always leaves my mind feeling fed and inspired.


Evenings are my favourite time of day as we wind down. After dinner, I usually will finish off my meals for the day with a cup of chamomile tea and a piece of dark chocolate. There is soft jazz music playing with candlelight that creates an atmosphere of ease and romance as we spend some family time together.

My husband usually does the kids bedtime routine of baths, reading and brushing of teeth, which leaves me half an hour of time to spend on my wine down ritual. My skin care ritual is a routine that leaves me feeling beautiful and connected to my femininity. After cleansing and toning I use a night care cream for my face an under eye serum. I then moisturise my whole body and change into my pyjamas, I end the delicious ritual with moisturising my feet.

When we are ready to go to sleep, I spend 5 minutes with my gratitude journal and do my favourite meditation. Currently, both of our children are sleeping in bed with us, as my daughter responds to my newborn waking up during the night but less so when she is the room with us. As a family we very literally fall asleep to my meditation track. One of the sweetest things is watching my daughter follow instructions and taking deep breaths in and out.

There you have it. That is what an ‘ordinary’ day in my world looks and feels like.

Everybody's routine and route to self-love looks different. Whatever way, it's important to be kind to yourself and extend yourself some grace. Be understanding of your life at the moment and know that perfection is an illusion. My life is not perfect but a process which I choose daily to love myself and gift myself moments of beauty and pleasure.

A little more detail?

My go-to healthy snack is peanut butter on apples, or berries.

My go-to playlists are 

'French Cafe Radio’ (Mornings),

‘French Cooking Music Radio’ (for when I’m in the kitchen),

‘Dinner Party Radio’ (Evenings)

My signature scent is Jo Malone English Pear and Freesia.

Favourite podcasts are:

- The Simple Sophisticate by Shannon Ables

- Unstyled by Christine Barberich

- The Minimalists

Favourite tea is:

- Pukka Herbs ~ Chamomile, vanilla and Manuka honey and

- French Earl Grey

Favourite affordable luxury item/s are scented candles and flowers.

One way I indulge every day is going out into nature and dark chocolate.

Beauty practice I can't live without is a good manicure and pedicure. My whole life feels more beautiful and in control when my nails look good.

Favourite meditation app Insight Timer

Blog post by Zohra Jacobs-  Zohra Jacobs Code De La Femme 

You can also find Zohra over on Instagram @zohrajacobs where she shares inspiring and meaningful posts about life, love, family, and intentional living! 

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